The child has one intuitive aim: self development

A Family Business From Cluj Linked With Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy

The Hristea family is the owner of the company SPI (Secpral Pro Instalatii), a 100% Romanian enterprise based in Cluj-Napoca since 1998. It is the 3rd largest provider of thermo-sanitary materials in Romania, and one of the most efficient. SPI has been raising quality of life levels in Romania for the past 18 years through it’s use of high quality materials, partnerships and help offered directly to the community.

With perseverance, small but decisive steps have led to organic growth for the company. The business was consolidated with the introduction of the thermo-technical product range, leading to a turnover of € 40 million in 2007. Currently, SPI (importer and supplier of heating and sanitary materials) is one of the most dynamic companies in the field, dynamically involved in a still male-dominated industry. Mrs. Erika Hristea, CEO of SPI, has developed long term partnerships based on mutually beneficial relationships with renowned Western and Central European producers. Starting out as a regional operation, with initial warehouses in Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu and Bucharest, SPI is now present in eight locations countrywide, with it’s main office and warehouse in Cluj-Napoca – the heart of Transylvania. Currently SPI has more than 650 distribution partners across Romania.

SPI has always espoused charity. Starting as early as 2000, the company has contributed to building homes as part of the Habitat for Humanity programme as well as S.O.S Satele Copiilor Romania, kindergartens, schools, churches (thus receiving the highest distinction of the Orthodox Church, namely The Transylvanian Cross), as well supporting local sports clubs,  encouraging efficiency and higher performance. For Mrs. Hristea this philanthropy is part of her nature, investing in the community and lending a helping hand where needed. Over the years, SPI has provided sponsorships exceeding € 800,000 and has contributed more than € 59 million in taxes to the Romanian Government.

Constantly seeking out and involving herself in interesting projects, Mrs. Hristea invests  creatively, leaving her own, personal, mark on the world. And she considers that there is still a lot to be done. Throughout her career she has been dedicated to her work, and has always advocated leading by example when it comes to her demands on others.

Since 2006 SPI has been focusing on implementing and promoting equipment utilising renewable energy, believing that the future is green.

SPI has won numerous awards for excellence in the business field and international recognition from partners based in Germany, Denmark, The Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Spain and Hungary. Further, personal and professional development in SPI are part of daily life.

Commencing in 2014 Mrs. Hristea became a founding member of the School For Europe Foundation, determined to change the education system in the country and helping to improve choices for the younger generation. SPI also became the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation’s first Fellow in Romania.

Recently, at the Oxford Summit of Leaders, SPI won the “Best Enterprise” award and Mrs. Hristea personally, in her capacity as SPI’s CEO, collected the “Manager of the Year” award.

Mrs. Hristea strongly believes that success can only reveal itself after investing a lot of passion, along with one’s knowledge and a constant willingness to learn, while at the same time making clearly defined steps towards applying any and all accumulated knowledge. Therefore, if your intentions are linked to your actions, long lasting success will follow. Success is a natural consequence of who you are and what you do.

Your child deserves the best education!


Investing in business is essential for the economy of a country. Investing in a team is essential for the success of a business. Investing in personal and professional development is essential for success. But the most important investment is the one you make in your child’s education.

With this in mind a group of entrepreneurs from Cluj, with a strong vision and a burning wish to change education in Romania, founded the School For Europe Foundation in 2014. The school opened it’s doors to students in September 2015 and is called Royal School in Transylvania. This is a school where your child benefits from a different kind of education, a valuable alternative on the market, one that also supports the community.

Why is Royal School in Transylvania the right choice for your child?


A different kind of governance model

This is the first school in Central and Eastern Europe that promotes a new academic concept: “a fourth way in education”– a school that is at the heart of the community and is not owned by an individual, family or company.

The education we promote is practical, holistic and student centered

The British educational system we propose, is centered on the individual needs of the student and  offers the possibility of naturally applying differentiation methods according to student requirements.

An environment that promotes diversity

The 4-13 years old children who study today in our school are currently drawn from nine nations and three continents. Eighteen Romanian, British and American teachers deliver curriculum through the medium of English. Parents can choose two hours per week of native language (Romanian, Hungarian and German) and another mainstream European language from the age of 7.

A green building provides a modern and welcoming environment

The School is located in Cluj Business Centre, an A-listed building adhering to the latest eco standards. Starting with six classrooms, all equipped with the highest quality ergonomic furniture, and a standard class size of just 20 students, the school also has a multifunctional room, a medical room, a canteen, a sports room, lockers and a playground, all fitted with materials of the highest quality.

Contact us to book your visit to Royal School in Transylvania! 

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