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Global Money Week

Global Money Week was staged in school between 27-31 March and was a very exciting opportunity for financial learning, activities and trips out. There were opportunities for parents to engage with some of these activities.



Global Money Week opened this year with a BizYNight. This was a special event created for students  from years 2-9  and their friends. Students spent a night in Royal School and felt the school spirit. During the event, they were allowed to bring two friends to enjoy the atmosphere and to feel the rhythm of music together. The event started at 7 p.m. and the BizYNight organizing committee started the night with a karaoke competition along with teachers and students. Other activities included Wii, X-Box, movies, board games, dance competitions and lots of fun!





Day 1

of Young BizStarters kicked-off with a general assembly, which included a motivational speech by our student Sasha and a money dance (among many others). Students from years 4-9 then attended the 3D printing presentation, where the teachers from ‘Universitatea Tehnică’ showed the students how the 3D printing is working by printing a little robot and a small tag with the word ‘Royal’.

The afternoon brought a visit to the Polisol and Dog Assist. Looking forward to the rest of the week! #GMWSelfie, #GMW2017, #GlobalMoneyWeek


Day 2

of Young BizStarters was full of diverse and engaging activities. The morning started the Young BizStarters training, then the students assisted at ‘The 5 success stories panel’ where 5 success people shared their insights about what makes a successful person. In the afternoon we had the House Games competition, with a lot of activities and House Shakespeare as a winner. Some of our students visited a local restaurant Baracca, they learnt how to prepare a cocktail and pizza.
This activity was planned in order to help students understand how a restaurant is organised because in Day 3 of Global Money Week they will open a restaurant.

#GMW2017 #GlobalMoneyWeek #LearnSaveEarn #GMWSelfie



Day 3

of Young BizStarters started with lots of activities. In the morning, our students from KS2-3 had the chance to experiment 10 minutes of Avatar Virtual World Experience. Next, students from KS3 visited Polisol and students from Year 5-6 visited Banca Transilvania. The students from KS1 step into Parents’ Shoes and learned from them.

#GMW2017#GlobalMoneyWeek #LearnSaveEarn#GMWSelfie


Day 4

The numismatic exhibition opened on our 4th day of Young BizStarters, giving students the opportunity to learn about many types of currencies from all around the world. The students from KS2 were involved in Beethoven competition where they had to identify all nine symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven. Meanwhile, KS1 students were very proud to officially open the doors of their Vamos a la Playa Restaurant. The day ended with a simulation of a Art Auction and a visit to High Class Trading.

#GMW2017#GlobalMoneyWeek #LearnSaveEarn#GMWSelfie



Day 5

The Young BizStarters academic week ended with the much anticipated business plan competition for students in Year 4-8. A panel of judges selected the best of these plans and awards were given. The students will be mentored and offered financial support by Banca Transilvania to bring their businesses to life over the coming year. Meanwhile our had a Piggy Bank Competition. The day culminated with a much-anticipated special edition assembly, where lots of awards were given. We look forward to the next edition of Young BizStarters and thank everyone involved!

#GMW2017#GlobalMoneyWeek #LearnSaveEarn#GMWSelfie




Beautiful Spring in Cluj

On the 1st of April, at the end of the Global Money Week, all the members of our community: students, parents and teachers joined us at the Botanical Garden “Alexandru Borza” and took part at the project “Beautiful Spring in Cluj” to help with the spring clean-up.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Emil Aluaş, president of the Pro West Foundation, who gave us the opportunity to be involved in this action.

#GMW2017 #GlobalMoneyWeek #LearnSaveEarn #GMWSelfie


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