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2018 At Royal School


Welcome Back

Dear Students, Parents and Friends of Royal School,

A hearty ‘Happy New Year’ from all of the staff at Royal School. Certainly we are all excited as we move into 2018 – especially after such a pleasant Christmas break. I sincerely hope that all of you had a restful, peaceful and safe festive period.

However, as we always say: the hard work starts now. We anticipate 2018 as being a year of significant growth in Academics, knowledge and understanding, communication and in student numbers. Evidence of this can already be seen with the steady trickle of applications now coming through to the school on a regular basis. We are working hard to ensure that the quality of education provided at Royal School never plateaus and we are moving into a period of staff training which is somewhat of a key change for schools in Eastern Europe.

Regarding growth, allow me to remind you all that for every child who joins the school – along with fees paid – the person who recommended the school to the new family will be awarded 250Euros (for each child enrolled) as a thank you for your efforts. Together we can make Royal School the Cambridge school of choice not only in Cluj but within Romania and beyond the borders – don’t be shy in recommending us to family, friends and to those who may be unsure about education provision for their children. I am more than happy to meet with each and every prospective parent and child and to give them a personal tour of the school.

Community Assemblies

At this juncture I have to say ‘thank you’ to all the parents who have attended our Community Assemblies, so far this academic year, your presence is greatly appreciated and certainly brings a ‘special’ air to the proceedings.

We will be continuing along a similar vein through the remainder of the year. There will be three internal assemblies – hosted by a different class each week; thereafter, on the fourth week, will be the Community Assembly during which time the intention is to showcase skills development from the students and to award the relevant certificates for those students who have achieved.

Again, I would urge you to make the time, where possible, to come through and enjoy 40 minutes or so of an assembly on a Friday, starting at 14h30.

For this term, we will be starting with a Community Assembly on 12 January, 2018 as we have so many certificates to administer. This was held back because of the very busy end of Christmas Term and we felt that students should receive proper recognition for their efforts.


Another plea on my part is to get involved (even in an advisory or networking capacity)! The best way to do this is to put your name forward to Mrs Spataru – Chair of the PTFA. One does not need to devote hours and hours to the PTFA to be effective. It could be a recommendation, a word in the ear of a significant person or helping to organise a cake sale. The opportunities are endless, I promise.

The PTFA needs to expand its membership so that the onus of responsibility does not fall on the shoulders of the few and becomes a demotivating factor. If we share the workload and give a little of ourselves, we can move things along much quicker.

You can register your details at main reception with Mrs Nadasan or email her via


We said a very fond farewell to Mrs Damaris Sana at the end of last term. She has departed for foreign shores and joined her husband in London, UK. Certainly her energetic presence around school will be missed.

Mrs Sana will be replaced by Ms Denisa Maier in her capacity as Year 2 Teaching Assistant. Ms Maier will also be teaching Key Stage 3 History and will, I am confident, prove to be a real asset to Royal School and we welcome her with open arms into the Royal School family.

Term 2 Key Dates

We do indeed have a very busy term ahead of us but there are some key dates which you may want to make note of in your diaries:

  • Community Assembly:
    • 12 January, 2018
    • 09 February, 2018
    • 16 March, 2018
  • Half term:
    • Term Ends: 16 February, 2018 — 15h15
    • Term Begin: 26 February, 2018 — 08h15
  • Unification Day:
    • 24 January, 2018. On this day we will not have classes.
  • Inter-House Games
    • 05 February to 09 February, 2018
  • School Legends preselection
    • 12 February to 16 February 2018
  • School Legends round 2
    • 12 March to 16 March 2018
  • Global Money Week:
    • 12 March to 18 March, 2018
  • Easter Break:
    • Term Ends: 30 March, 2018 – 15h15
    • Term 3 Begins: 16 April, 2018 – 08h15


Staff Training

As with any school it is imperative that Teaching staff undertake continuous professional development to ensure that the very best and up-to-date methodologies are employed for the benefit of all students.  Royal School is no different and, over the course of 4th and 5thJanuary two staff members were selected to travel to Amsterdam and attend the COBIS conference on Individualised Learning.  I am assured that a lot was gained by attendance at the conference with our delegates invited to choose workshops also. This will provide a lot of the impetus for staff training in the near future.

While our delegates were away, teachers at Royal School also attended an in-service training day on 5th January.  The foci of the training was on Metacognition strategies, Report Writing and Sensory Integration (hosted by noted Ergotherapist, Diana Tair) and a lot was gained regarding the manner in which we all think about thinking, standardisation of reports as well as strategies for dealing with pupils with specific needs.

Looking forward, please note that the scheduled Staff Training on the 23 January, 2018 has now been cancelled and will be a normal school day.


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