Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is an international forum with a strong resident Romanian contingent. There will always be a residual lobby of external members.

The Board contributes to the Fountain School conception through bringing an eclectic wealth of experience and skills to support and sustain Royal School. It will not exist, unlike in other educational institutions, solely for the purpose of soliciting financial support. But the Board will endow our school with its intellectual resources and a wider array of community links and PR related items. It will also be instrumental in helping to construct a broad and dynamic programme, beginning with members of its own ranks. The Board will ultimately exist to stimulate school growth, holistic integrity and engagement with the local, regional, national and international communities. The Board will act as ambassadors to promote and entrench the positive public image of our institution and the S4E brand, and Governors will also act as important agents in the reception of visiting inspectors and dignitaries into our school. There are innumerable ways in which the Board can asset our institution which are not listed here but may be suggested and proposed by the incoming members.

It must always be remembered that the Board is a friendly, cooperative, voluntary and collegial assembly, drawn from professional people. It will evolve efficiently, effectively and closely in the years ahead. It remains distinct from the wider and open forum of the Parents Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) to which all parents may belong, and which allows them to participate in the events calendar constructed by the school and PTFA in tandem.

The Board constitutes a voluntary panel of voting full-members drawn from the wider community. It exists as a mutual, voluntary and friendly cooperative and is a representative voice to the wider association of parents with children studying in Royal School and across all its divisions and affiliations.

The Board exists to improve and enhance the totality of the learning experience for all students studying in our school. It seeks to enrich the learning experience and provide fuller enjoyment to all students by seeking to improve the environment, resources, support network and events calendar associated with the learning project. It exists to enflesh the mantra that we are a True Value School committed to helping all our students and teachers achieve new targets every day. Our strategic goal is the sustainability of the Fourth Way Model.

At all times, the Board of Governors is transparent, responsible and accountable to the wider constituency, open to our True Value philosophy that promotes choice, competition, inclusion and innovation within the Cluj hinterland. Governors are windows onto the soul of the school and the aspirations of all within its teaching and learning community.

Appointed Board of Governors:

Dan DuncaChairEntrepreneur - Parent
Ioan Alexandru DrăganVice-ChairIT entrepreneur - Parent
Ciprian ComsuleaMemberFinance
Rares DrăganMemberArchitect
Paul BerceaSafeguarding Trainer
Pavla HolmgrenWellbeing ResponsibleParent
Mihali HorațiuFinanceParent