Student Mantras:

  • As a young person, it is my duty to explore the world and discover new questions.
  • As a learner, I must create knowledge and get better.
  • I must always do my best and respect rules and everyone inside school, and help people in the wider community; for not everyone is as lucky as me.

Teacher Mantras:

  • Royal School teachers are defined through their credibility, focus, communication and capacity for building relationships. We place our students first; our colleagues second and ourselves last.
  • Royal School teachers are creative, try new things, learn from mistakes and understand challenges make us better practitioners. Above all, we remember to treat each child equally and with respect and so earn trust among our students and community.
  • We are always collegial.

School Mantras:

  • Whatever the question, education is the answer.
  • Helping all of our students and teachers achieve new targets every day.
  • In Royal School we preserve democracy, create the future, encourage scholarship and lead growth. This is why we all choose to join, learn, work and share in Royal School.