Why RS?

Royal School is proud of its status as the only school in Cluj-Napoca that solely teaches the Cambridge Curriculum in English for students from 5-18, and British style EYFS curriculum for our 3-4 year olds. Our school is an English-speaking school.

Our focus is to provide wide ranging learning opportunities for our students, developing an outstanding community of Students, Teachers and Parents and promoting sustainable Global Responsibility in everyone who comes through our doors. Opportunity, Community and Global Responsibility. The Cambridge Curriculum is an internationally recognised curriculum designed in line with the National Curriculum of the United Kingdom, with students studying a broad range of academic and creative subjects. When students graduate at the age of 18 they will receive qualifications that will allow them to study both nationally (Romanian University), and internationally.

Royal School is a Compliant Member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools), a group of 450 schools that adhere to high standards of child safeguarding, teaching and social/emotional support.

For further information please contact us at contact@royalschool.ro, we would be happy to answer any of your questions as well as offering a free day to any prospective students.