Admission Policy/Contract (2023-2024)

Equal Opportunity Institution:
Royal School (RS) follows a non-discriminatory admissions policy, which ensures that children are not discriminated or refused admission based on their gender, race, culture, creed, as long as there exists compatibility with our school’s philosophy. Students may consider an admissions application at any point during the academic year. All applications for admission are given equal status by our school and no child is excluded on the basis of nationality, culture, religious beliefs or academic ability.

RS offers an international education approved by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, and based on the National Curriculum for England, and on the Cambridge Curriculum (for the high-school). Our curriculum has been adapted to meet the needs of both the Romanian and international students.

During the admission process and the following half term induction period, parents are obliged to provide the office with the academic history from previous schools and also where necessary, records of special educational needs (SEN), along with medical records of their children. An IEP (individual educational plan) is agreed with the parents where necessary and is reviewed and refreshed each half

The documents required for enrolment of children are:

1. Enrolment application and all related documents:

  • two photos of the child, passport format,
  • copy of birth certificate,
  • copy of the student’s passport (for foreign students),
  • copies of parents’ IDs (internal use only),
  • transcript of records from the previously attended educational institution (translated into Romanian/ English, in case of foreign students),
  • transfer application form (if applicable),
  • medical certificate issued by the family doctor and a copy of the vaccination card, psychological evaluation for those who start school for the first time,
  • document showing residence of the child (if other than the residence mentioned in parents’ / legal guardians’ ID),
  • court decision for child custody to one of the parents / legal guardians (if applicable),
  • parent questionnaire for evaluation of development and behaviour filled in and acknowledged by parent.

Student tuition agreement filled in and signed in two (2) original copy

Siblings Policy: (see separate policy statement)

RS encourages families to educate all their children in our school. We will offer a discounted fee structure based on the number of siblings educated
at Royal School. You can find more information regarding the various discounts extended to parents in the Tuition Contract.

Waiting Lists:

Class group sizes are limited to 16-22. Children in nursery classes younger than Year 1 will be limited to 16. If the number of prospective students surpasses the class limit, priority is given to those who expressed the earliest interest and the prompt payment; given priority until 01.04 to those who have already been enrolled in our school in the previous school year; after 01.04 everybody will benefit from the same priorities. The later candidate in a class where the places have been filled in, will be put on a waiting list.

Students on the waiting list will be admitted on a first in, first off basis. However, siblings of children already enrolled and attending will have priority for enrolment once a place becomes available in their age group. An enrolment fee of 300 euros must be paid in order to place a name on the waiting list.

Read more about our enrolment process.

Contract 2023-2024