Secondary 1 Curriculum

Secondary 1 Curriculum, Y7-Y9 (11-14 years of age, KS3)

Royal School Lower Secondary curriculum encompasses Years 7 to 9 and is, again a combination of both the National Curriculum of England and Cambridge Secondary 1.  At Royal School, again, we use the ‘core’ curricula of English, Mathematics and Science and the ‘foundation’ curricula for Art & Design, Computing, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education, Drama and Religious Studies.

Lower Secondary Assessment

Assessment at Lower Secondary (Years 7 to 9) remains similar to Primary – cumulative assessment is used to gain a ‘whole’ picture, across a range of skills in a wider range of subjects.  Scores gained in assessment are also used to form the basis of reports.  Where there are dips in performance, this is easily noticed and communicated to parents as soon as possible.  Strategies are then put in place for immediate improvement.

Lower Secondary Progression

At the end of each academic year all students will be tested using Cambridge Progression Tests in English, Mathematics and Science.  These tests are downloaded from CIE, administered and marked internally.  The marks are then recorded on the CIE Secondary 1 website and analysed externally.  The analysis results highlight areas of both strength and weakness and allow teachers, students and parents to both celebrate the success of the child and/or support where necessary.

Progression is important at this stage because without core knowledge a student will not succeed at the next Key Stage of her or his education (IGCSE).  Therefore at Royal School, students need to achieve the following, in order to be promoted to the following academic year:

Year Group No. Subjects & List % Pass Decision
7, 8 & 9 4 subjects including:

·       English

·       Mathematics

·       Science

·       One other subject

50% Promotion (Certificate)


7, 8 & 9 4 subjects from whole range 50% Allowed to Progress


7, 8 & 9 63%+ Subjects below Pass Mark (Including English, Maths & Science) 50% Repeat


At the end of each academic term, all students’ performances in Lower Secondary are discussed in an academic meeting.  Where there is concern, this will be conveyed to parents with immediate effect.  By the same token, where there is above-expected performance, this too will be conveyed to parents with immediate effect.

The final decision on progression through to the next academic year is discussed at the beginning of June in any academic year.  Thereafter a child will be issued with a Certificate of Progression, be Allowed to Progress or, in extremis, be asked to Repeat the academic year.

Cambridge International Examinations – Secondary 1 Checkpoint

Towards the end of Year 9 all students, regardless of ability noted throughout the academic year, will sit a series of examinations in English (2 papers), Mathematics (3 papers) and Science (2 papers).  Checkpoint examinations are designed as a diagnostic tool for each individual student.  The examinations are sent from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE); they are sat across a series of five afternoons and all completed papers are returned to CIE for marking and moderation.  Results from the tests are normally received within two months, post-sitting.  Please note that for the 2017- 2018 school year, these examinations will be paid for by individual families and are compulsory for all students in Year 9, at Royal School.