General information

Validating Your Place at Royal School

It is no secret that, although we have done very well these past weeks, reopening a school during a global pandemic requires significantly more organisation and coordination than usual, as well as more effort, time and higher operating costs. For this reason, communication and transparency is key, especially when it comes to enrolment at Royal School.

Starting with the next academic year, 2021-2022, similarly to other international schools in the country and in Europe, Royal School in Transylvania will only be able to sign new contracts on the condition of annual advance payment of the tuition fee.

As a sign of our gratitude, the parents of our currently enrolled students will continue to have the option of paying on a monthly or quarterly basis, granted that they make their payments on time (on the due date the latest) during the school year in progress.

Over the years, Royal School has had the goal of developing a modern, healthy, safe and happy learning and working environment, attracting dedicated and passionate teachers in order to elevate the quality of the education we offer, a mission that requires the contribution of each member of our community. Thus, ensuring a timely payment of tuition fees, besides being the responsibility of our parents, is a sign of mutual respect.

Validation of the place at the Royal School means: the correct completion and signing of the schooling contract as well as the related documents, the payment of the registration fee and the payment of the current tuition fee, according to the agreed terms.


Children are admitted into the class appropriate to their age and previous experience.

The child’s age is calculated having as reference the age from 01.09 of the enrolment year.

Parents are required to produce evidence of age when submitting the application form.  The academic year is according to the school’s calendar.

Enrolment for the current school year

The current school year begins and ends according to the school’s calendar, part of the Tuition Contract. Royal School has implemented a schedule which is of benefit to students and families – ensuring that students have extended time to develop interspersed with deserved breaks.

The academic year has 3 terms divided into five units, in total around 180 days of formal schooling. The complete and detailed structure of the academic year is published on the Royal School’s website.