School Policy

School Policy

Royal School is a member of the wider family of British International Schools and our policies reflect best practice in the United Kingdom, but shaped to suit our Romanian context. We take the safety and security of all students very seriously and review our procedures regularly.

On this page you have access to the key ;policies that guide our work day by day.


Royal School trains all staff in procedures to safeguard all children and we have a team of three highly experienced staff overseeing the policy and procedures alongside a full-time trained counsellor. Making sure all children are safe and free from worries is a complex task and our policy is comprehensive and meets the highest standards. A copy of the full safeguarding Policy can be accessed here.
Royal School Safeguarding Policy (hyperlink)

Rewards and Conduct

For our students to learn and develop their full potential we operate a fair and appropriate policy to manage behaviour. We have a comprehensive system to recognise good behaviour and keep parents fully informed of any concerns. A copy of our Rewards and Conduct Policy can be accessed here.
Royal School Rewards and Conduct Policy (hyperlink)


Royal School believes in developing the whole child and fostering a love of learning that will last for life. Homework can play an important role in helping a child improve their understanding and consolidate learning. We do not believe in overusing homework, however because time outside of academic work can be equally important. Instead we promote a balanced and sensible approach to learning at home.
A copy of our Homework Policy can be accessed here.
Royal School Rewards and Conduct Policy (hyperlink)


ASSESSMENT in Royal School

Principles and Practice 

Royal School recognises that teaching, learning and assessment are fundamentally connected, complementing each other in developing high standards of achievement for all students at the school.

Assessment in Royal School (hyperlink)


Key Stage 4/5 Policy

This policy is created and written for the Key Stage 5 students of Royal School in Transylvania: Year 12 and Year 13. It applies only to these two year groups, Key Stage 4 having different regulations. This policy is created in such a way as to enhance the learning abilities of our students, while also allowing them more independence, in order to prepare them for the style of learning that they are going to have in university. It will come into effect on the 28th of August 2023.

Key Stage 4/5 Policy (hyperlink)