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Gazette No. 4

International Day of Zero Waste Lead Article Saturday the 30th of March is the International Day of Zero Waste .   ‘The second annual International Day of Zero Waste highlights […]

Coffee Morning 2024/25

  The Parental Coffee Mornings have become a happy tradition here at Royal School in Transylvania, a time when parents and teachers can come together for an hour to chat, […]

Gazette No. 3

Zero Discrimination Day Lead Article Zero Discrimination Day is an annual day celebrated on 1 March each year by the UN and other international organizations. Originally set up in 2014, […]

Gazette No. 2

Year 4, You MaDe IT Trips – Laura Prisăcariu, Year 4 Form Tutor Our Year 4 group were inspired by a question asked by an animal character in The Story of Doctor […]

Gazette No. 1

New Year Lead Article – Mr. Joe Berwick Firstly it would be remiss of me to not wish everyone from the Royal School Community a very Happy New Year, I […]

Reception desk schedule for parents

D ear parents, Below you can find the new daily schedule for the school’s reception desk, under the administration of Ms. Ioana Nădăşan:         RECEPTION DESK PROGRAMME […]

Required Equipment

L ist of materials: (individual equipment for each student according to age) Pencil case Plastic pens Pencils Colouring pencils Ruler (30cm) Watercolor paint, paintbrush(es), water plastic cup Drawing notebook A4 […]

Payment System in our School

W e would like to inform you that, since September 15 2022, there are no more cash payments made to our school’s reception desk.  Exceptionally, small amounts, that you cannot […]

Parking Rules

D ear parents, We know how inconvenient and frustrating it can sometimes be to stop on the bicycle lane next to the school. In order to avoid the traffic jam […]

Advanced Level

C ambridge Advanced is typically for learners aged 16 to 19 years who need advanced study to prepare for university and higher education. It offers learners Cambridge International AS &ALevel. […]