Career guidance is part of the Key Stage 4&5 curriculum in Royal School.

For Year 10 and Year 11, we offer group career guidance sessions, integrated in the PSHE lessons. On demand, students from this group can receive individual guidance.

For Year 12 and Year 13, our students receive personalised guidance through individual sessions in order to support their personal journeys.

PSHE Career Topics for Y10, Y11 and Y12 include:

✓ Interests, Personality traits and personal values influencing career choices

✓ The personal journey and its impact on academic choices

✓ Exploring career models – from employee to entrepreneur

✓ Future skills and the future of work

✓ Jobs of the future

✓ CV Building

✓ Presentations from industry professionals 

We have a dedicated Career Advisor, offering support on different areas for Key Stage 4&5:

✓ A-Level Choices guidance, based on individual needs, in Year 11

✓ University recommendations and guidance on research

✓ Support with University applications

✓ Guidance on co-curriculars, aimed to foster personal development and to strengthen the university applications

✓ Provision of academic transcripts and other necessary documents

✓ Parental guidance and connect

✓ Participation in career-related events


Starting the end of the academic year 2023/2024, we are happy to announce our collaboration with Unifrog, an award-winning Education Technology Supplier, which enables our students to create vocational profiles, conduct research on career profiles and a wide range of universities around the globe, all in one. 


If you are searching for more information regarding University destinations, career-related events and updates regarding job profiles, have a look at our Royal School Career Board

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