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Children’s allergies

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Dear parents of Royal School in Transylvania,

We invite you to take part in the presentation entitled: “Children’s allergies”, held by Dr. Haldor Holesch, GP specialist.

The meeting is appointed for Thursday, the 6th of October, 17:00, at Transilvania Healing Centre, Andrei Mureşanu Street, Nr. 29.

The first part of the meeting will be dedicated to exposing the main theme, followed by a session of questions and answers.

Please confirm your presence until the 5th of October, by email: or by telephone: +40 364 805 802.

You can attend together with your children.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

About Dr. Haldor Holesch:

“I have studied medicine at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timișoara and at Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg.

Being unable to successfully put into action my theoretical knowledge and discovering that some assertions concerning the body functioning, biochemically and physically described, were not fully true, I researched and developed holistic biological procedures, effective methods that produce great results.

I have started my career in 1987 as house physician in the general and vascular surgery department at the Heidelberg University Hospital, but from 1990 I became an independent practitioner, working in my own medical office (natural medicine) from Ulm, Germany, presently, being active in Wien, Austria, in my holistic private medical office.

My studies have led me to various parts of the world: gynecology and obstetrics department of Christian Medical College, Vellore, India, bone marrow transplant department of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, United States of America, and surgery department of Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland. In my professional career, I have made speeches during over 80 seminars and lectures for doctors of various countries. Moreover, I have published articles regarding the UV light irradiation of the blood.”

About Transilvania Healing Centre:

The clinic applies methods from the sphere of biological integrated medicine, treating the root of the problem, the biological imbalances which allows the disease to manifest itself in one’s organism.

The purpose is to identify the deep causes of various diseases/symptoms that manifest to our patients throughout a complex evaluation, structural and functional, regarding the general state of the organism.

Both the diagnose and the treatment are done through non-invasive procedures, using cutting edge devices.

In our clinic, only medical staff performs, and the manual biophysical diagnosis of the whole body is done using the Dr. Haldor Holesch method, the one who developed this technique in the last 25 years and performed it successfully in Germany and Austria.

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