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COBIS conference – Teddy

  1. Between the 6th and 8th of May, Royal School has been present at the COBIS Annual Conference in London. The delegates, Dr. Alexandra Csavdari and Royal School Teddy have met Mr. Trevor Rowell, COBIS Chairman and Governor, and Mr. Colin Bell, COBIS CEO.
  2. Royal School delegates contacted in person Mr. Peter Simpson, the COBIS Director of Accreditation, as well as other members of the COBIS executive team.
  3. After attending workshops on accreditation procedures or interesting educational topics, Royal School special delegate Teddy has visited the event’s exhibition and enjoyed making selfies with his new friends.
  4. The proximity of Greenwich Park permitted the delegation to visit The Royal Observatory. Teddy had fun stretching over two hemispheres on the Prime Meridian or walking along it.
  5. The delegates spent a joyful time in London while meting the international COBIS community, so that Royal School gladly looks forward to the 2018 COBIS Annual Conference!

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