Discounts on tuition fees

Discounts on tuition fees shall be offered, discounts which do not accumulate, but apply in the order below:

  • The first 50 children enrolled in the 2017-2018 school year, which have never been enrolled before at Royal School in Transylvania, will benefit from a discount of Euro 500 from the tuition fee/student.
  • If a second child from the same family is enrolled, a 10% discount of the total tuition fee for the two children (calculated based on the reduced fee, if either of the above mentioned discounts was offered) shall be offered. In the case of enrollment of more than two children coming from the same family, each child, starting with the second one, a 10% discount/child of the total fee shall be offered.
  • If the tuition fee is paid in advance for the entire school year, a discount of 5% of its value shall be offered;
  • If the tuition fee is paid in advance for a quarter, a discount of 2% of its value shall be offered;
  • Recommendation of the school to another family, followed by the enrollment of the student(s) at Royal School in Transylvania, is rewarded with 250 Euro deducted from the tuition fee of the referring family. This discount applies only to the tuition fee for the school year in which the referral was made, and will be found on the invoice following the date on which the recommended student was enrolled. If the referring family has fully paid the tuition fee in advance before the recommended student was enrolled, the aforementioned amount shall be deducted from the fee for the next school year.

The aforementioned 250 Euro shall be granted only upon the cumulative meeting of the following conditions:

– the recommended student passes the probationary period of 6 weeks from the moment the agreement is signed;

– the recommended student has all the fees and other taxes paid to date and will stay for at least one year at Royal School; in case the student studies for less than one year at Royal School, the Euro 250 will be returned to the school;

– the name of the referring person is filled in under the “feedback” section from the enrollment application (Enrollment Form).