Experience being a student at Royal School in Transylvania

                   – an open invitation for parents –
                Workshop – Wednesday 19th October, 18.30-20.00, at Royal School 

Our vision at Royal School in Transylvania is to prepare our children for the challenges of the 21st Century with a solid education.  We follow a curriculum which provides students with the knowledge and skills to address real world issues and learning to become successful and responsible citizens of the world.

Some notable differences in our approach to teaching:

  • Child centred and individually tailored learning, with two dedicated teachers in each class
  • We practice what we learn: many interactive, hands-on activities and experiments designed to develop and excite children of every level and age
  • Focus on various themes relevant in today’s society, such as: a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, food waste, environmentalism, entrepreneurial and financial learning.
  • Multi-cultural cross-curricular approach to integrate a wide variety of topics into day to day life
  • Emphasis on the importance of character building, responsible and independent learning, encouraging creativity and free thought

Don’t take our word for it! Come see for yourself what Royal School can offer your children. We do offer a new and innovative approach to education.

Why should I attend?

There is nothing more powerful than first-hand experience! Learn about how your children will be educated in an international school in Cluj, that offers a creative and interactive learning environment.

What can I expect?

  • A school presentation, including details about the English curriculum and the extra-curricular educational projects we offer, which bring added value to our experience
  • A guided tour of the school facilities
  • To experience some of the many activities that our teachers provide each day in class: math exercise
  • Answers to questions and concerns

Where do I sign up?

Please fill in the form below by Tuesday 18th October, and we will confirm your registration to experience the best of Royal School.

Every parent that participate at workshop, will have from us One day free for their child at Royal School!

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    Do you remember your school experience? Come and see the difference!