The child has one intuitive aim: self development

FUNtold in Transylvania Kids Land

Event for children between 5-14 years old

4th – 8th of August 2016 Cluj-Napoca, Club Transylvania

During #Untold your child is having fun at #FUNtold!

FUNtold in Transylvania Kids Land is a sports and arts event dedicated to children and teenagers between the ages of 5 to 14 offering accommodation in tents and English style picnics. The event is a project of Fundația School for Europe, initiator of Royal School in Transylvania, in partnership with Untold Festival.

Transylvania Kids Land aims are to promote FUN as team play in the middle of nature (at Transylvania Club) and to unite under the same fantastic project children from all over the world, whose parents decided to join the Untold festival. Our main focus is to educate through fun. Our activities include sports, music, art and creative workshops, organized in the safest environment possible.

 Your child will have fun at FUNtold through society games, chess, painting workshops, music, sport activities and a lot of other surprises.

Dan DuncaChairEntrepreneur - Parent
Ioan Alexandru DrăganVice-ChairIT entrepreneur - Parent
Ciprian ComsuleaMemberFinance
Rares DrăganMemberArchitect
Paul BerceaSafeguarding Trainer
Pavla HolmgrenWellbeing ResponsibleParent
Mihali HorațiuFinanceParent

Offered Packages for FUNtold in Transylvania Kids Land:

An Academic 2020-2021



Planul de măsuri pentru prevenirea răspîndirii cu SARS-COV-2

Buletin de analiza nr.715M1 din data de 20.06.2020

Buletin de analiza nr. 414C1 din data de 18.06.2020

Licența de Unitate Operațională

COBIS 2015-16 Royal School

Ambasada Marii Britanii la București

2019 Royal School

Certificat Cambridge

COBIS 2015-16 Royal School

Certificat Cambridge

Autorizatie COBIS 2018-2019

COBIS Royal School

Certificat Membru COBIS 2018-2019

COBIS 2015-16 Royal School

Autorizatie COBIS 2016-2017

COBIS 2016-17 Royal School

Certificat Membru COBIS 2016-2017

COBIS 2016-17 Royal School

The Duke of Edinburgh's License Certificate

The Duke of Edinburgh's License Certificate

Scrisoare de recunoaștere al meritului pentru Royal School, scrisă de perședintele BRCC, Charlie Crocker.

Letter for RS

Aprobarea Ambasadei Britanice

Embasy council - Royal School 2

Aprobarea Consiliului Britanic

Embasy council - Royal School1

Scrisoare de la Familia Regală

Scrisoare regala

Investiții de excepție
Probabil cea mai frumoasă școală din România

Outstanding investments

Acreditare ARACIP

Adeverința ARACIP - Royal SchoolARACIP - Royal School" width="300" height="424" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-749" />

Autorizație pentru o bună calitate a apei menajere 2017

Quality of tap water

Autorizație Sanitară

autorizatie sanitara - Royal School

Autorizație pentru o bună calitate a apei menajere

Buletin analiza apa - Royal School

Autorizație pentru o bună calitate a apei menajere

Buletin analiza apa - Royal School - pag 2

Certificat pentru Clădire Verde

green building - Royal School

Certificat pentru Clădire Verde

green building - Royal School

Autorizație ISU

Autorizatie isu - Royal School

 Event enrollment is done online by filling in and submitting the registration form  and the agreement for the Event Rules and Regulations. The Full Camp registration deadline is July 29. 2016.


You can find our full and detailed offer here

We would like to thank those who decided to be part of FUNtold and those who believed in this unique concept and supported us!

Looking forward to the next edition,
The FUNtold Team

I liked best the hammocks, playing table tennis and jumping on the trampoline. I have none of these back home, in America… I enjoyed the time spent with the other kids and making new friends.” (Alex, USA)
I liked the sports activities the most, I got to improved my playing techniques, especially at football. I also enjoyed playing flag football and I liked the magician because he had some really good tricks. I also liked the people here, I made new friends and I would like to come back next year.” (Andrei, Cluj)
I liked it a lot because I learned how to play ‘Ketchup Ketchup Tomato’, I liked the magician, I also liked that I met other children with whom I played with my toys (the dinosaurs).” (Sasha, 6 years old)
Thank you! The children were all very excited about the organization and the activities they participated at during FUNtold.” (Parent)

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