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International Day of Zero Waste

Lead Article

Saturday the 30th of March is the International Day of Zero Waste .


‘The second annual International Day of Zero Waste highlights both the critical need to bolster waste management globally and the importance of sustainable production and consumption practices. It celebrates zero-waste initiatives at all levels, which contribute to the advancement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.’


Here at Royal School, we work incredibly hard to try to recycle as much as possible, whilst also reducing waste. But, it is never easy – plastic items for food, the lack of recycling options for plastic, and even the amount of paper used for exams! All of these elements of waste contribute to such a huge issue. So, what can we do about it? One of our Long Term plan goals for 2026, is to move towards a truly digital school. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean removal of writing and books – in fact we believe that this is a skill that is essential. Instead, we look towards our resources, the resources the children use, as well as the resources that we showcase ourselves with. A digital school will use screens for posters rather than printing, a digital school will identify suitable ways of sharing online resources, rather than sharing in paper copy. A digital school gets parental permissions with the press of a button rather than a paper letter. A digital school will ultimately be a place where we feel the physical presence of school, but with the technology behind it to improve it.


This is a long term project, and we are pleased that in the next month we will be announcing a shift and investment that will help us achieve this with our oldest students (Y12 & Y13). As we work towards this goal of reducing waste I look forward to continuing on this journey with you all, and continuing to find ways to help our environment and reduce waste!

KS4/5 Trip to Budapest

Events / Trips

Last week, some of my peers and I had a chance to explore Budapest and its numerous museums together with Ms Denisa Maier and Ms Iulia Felfalusi, our history and art teachers. It was a short journey, but it still managed to give us a wide range of positive emotions. Despite the trip having some challenges, it undoubtedly was worth it!


Our adventure began in the early morning on Thursday, March 21st. Ahead of us was an almost 9-hour drive to the city, which might sound boring, but we found a way to entertain ourselves. All of us were chatting with each other, listening to music and even playing some board games.


Time flew by and soon the best part of the trip began. As we arrived, we started exploring Budapest immediately. The city welcomed us with a boat ride on the Danube River, walks through the charming streets, and diverse exhibitions. During our journey, it was hard not to notice the majestic architecture of the city. However, the most striking places we have visited were the Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica, the House of Terror, the House of Music, the Hospital in the Rock, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Van Gogh Immersive Experience Exhibition.


These experiences showed both how divine and cruel the world is. This tour of Budapest will definitely stay fresh in our minds forever and all of us are looking forward to having trips like this again!

International Day of Poetry


Poetry represents a means of expressing the feelings of humankind, which is present in every culture, surviving in time, cheering our souls and reminding us of our common values. Through explicit and implicit messages, poems reach readers from all over the world, who resonate with the grief, the joy and the freedom or justice aspiration that hide behind poems’ lines.

Acknowledging the great value of poetry, the 21st of March was established as the International Day of Poetry. Hence, starting with 1999, poetry has its own special day, such as happiness, water or women, for instance, and with this decision its impact on our lives, irrespective of our language, nationality or geographical position, is recognised.

The role of poetry is enhanced by the different forms poems can take and by the wide diversity of means through which we come across them, as poems raise awareness and bring together emotions, whom, even though we cannot all name, we can entirely feel because poetry is sensibility.

We celebrated the International Day of Poetry at Royal School in Transylvania with our Year 9 students, who took part in two engaging activities: the first one intended to familiarise them with the most important classic and contemporary Romanian poets while the second one was a creative writing activity. Regarding the last one, students were challenged to write a collective poem and subsequently to write poems individually, starting from two writing tasks. The first one aimed at writing a poem, starting from a series of questions (Who was there? Where was he/she? What was he/she doing? What did he/she say? What did people say? How did it finish?) and the second one encouraged them to write a poem in which every line starts with a letter of their first name.

The International Day of Poetry was therefore an amazing opportunity to discover our students’ talent and their excitement when it comes to creative activities, which challenge them to explore the unknown paths of their being and to convey to us deep messages through their verses. You can see below our students’ poems.

un băiat sărac,

în Iran la bazar,

încerca să cumpere ceva

– Domnule, pot să cumpăr cumva?

El s-a mirat de tristețea care-l domina,

Dar cu acel ceva cumpărat, cu inima împăcată a plecat. (Luca Lujerdean-Pripon)

Iepurașul sărea prin pădure,

Undeva ascunsă după un copac stătea o vulpe,

Lenea l-a prins de picioare și a leșinat pe iarbă,

Intenționat, vulpea și-a făcut drum spre iepure,

A sărit pe el și l-a mâncat. (Iulia Iaroi)

Andreea era o fetiță căreia îi plăcea iarna.

Zăpada s-a așternut și toți copiii erau fericiți.

Andreea s-a jucat toată ziua în zăpadă.

Liliana, mama ei, i-a spus să vină în casă.

Ea s-a întristat.

Eliot, tatăl ei, a ajuns acasă și a întrebat-o ce a făcut.

Andreea, fericită, i-a vorbit cu orele despre zăpada minunată. (Azaleea Dandoci)

Păianjenul Ghiță,

Așezat pe pânza sa,

Se uita lung la stele, oftând,

„Oare spre ce se îndreaptă viața mea?”

Nimeni nu știe nimic de existența lui,

În afară de pânza lui-casă. (Ana Moldovan)

Soarele apunea,

Oare unde se ascundea?

Fiori de foc se strecurau prin nori timizi,

Intimidând luna,

Alungând furtuna. (Sofia Drăgan)

Țac-Pac mergea pe lângă lac

Pescuia Țac-Pac la crap.

Vai, când mușcă momeala mac-mac?

Ai ceva, Țac-Pac?

Până la urmă a prins un crap Țac-Pac. (Elisei Băbășan)

Global Money Week at Royal School in Transylvania


From March 18th to 22nd, our school embarked on an exciting journey to celebrate Global Money Week, an annual event dedicated to promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurship among young people worldwide. Throughout the week, students were engaged in a series of enriching activities aimed at fostering their understanding of money management, saving, and the principles of entrepreneurship.

One of the highlights of our celebration was the opportunity for students to gain real-world insights through visits to local companies. These visits not only provided a glimpse into the workings of various industries but also inspired our students to explore future career paths and entrepreneurial endeavours.

As part of our “Success Stories” sessions, accomplished speakers from diverse backgrounds shared their journeys, insights, and invaluable advice with our students. These sessions not only motivated our young minds but also instilled in them the belief that with determination and hard work, anything is possible.

A highlight of the week was the BizzStarters competition, where students showcased their innovative business ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. Congratulations to Daniel Renilla Rodriguez from Year 8 for winning first place and making everyone curious about his clothing brand, Dare Ride. We eagerly anticipate the podium winners presenting their products at the upcoming Summer Fete.

The culmination of our celebration was the Crafty Kids Fair on Friday, where each year group had the opportunity to sell their creations crafted during the week. This not only allowed our students to showcase their creativity and entrepreneurial skills but also provided them with hands-on experience in managing a business venture.

Global Money Week provided our students with a platform to explore, learn, and grow as responsible global citizens. By instilling in them the importance of financial literacy and entrepreneurship, we are empowering them to become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. As we reflect on the success of this week-long celebration, we are filled with pride and excitement for the bright future that lies ahead for our students.

United by Passion, Divided by the Game: The Unbreakable Bond of Four Young Footballers


In the world of youth football, where the grass is always green and the goals are full of dreams, four extraordinary young footballers stand out not just for their skills, but for the unbeatable friendship they share. Meet Adam, Danya, Matvii, and Darius—classmates, teammates, and the best of friends who navigate the thrilling world of football together. Let’s dive into their lives, where every pass and goal is a story, and even the age-old debate of Messi vs. Ronaldo finds a playful place.

Interviewer: So, kicking things off—quite literally—how did it feel playing against each other in that recent match?

Danya: Well, honestly it felt pretty good. It was a friendly game, so we were not very competitive. Of course, it is not easy when you play against each other, but knowing that your friendship is strong, you’re not that aggressive and you keep it friendly. And although sometimes you are sad that you lost the game, you are also happy for your friend and for their win.

Adam: For me, the field is a different world. What happens there stays there. Despite my friendships off the field, when I play, I focus only on the game and my teammates. It’s about giving my best to win. Yet, at the end of the day, as Danya said, our friendship is stronger than any game.

Interviewer: Turning to you, Matvii, can you share a memorable football moment that highlights the joy of friendships?

Matvii: Certainly. I remember when I was still playing for a team in Italy and one of my closest friends scored an amazing goal. He asked his mom to take a picture of us together to celebrate. It was a special moment that really highlights what friendship and football mean to me.

Interviewer: Switching gears to Darius. Could you share a memorable moment from your football journey?

Darius: One of my standout memories was scoring 3 goals as a goalkeeper in my second championship. It was an unforgettable experience. Perhaps that was the moment I decided I wanted to go from winning The Best Goalkeeper Award in the local tournament  to being the second goalkeeper to win the Ballon d’Or.

Interviewer: Reflecting on memorable moments, can you recall the beginning of your football journey and who inspired you to start?

Darius: It all started with my father’s passion for football, which ignited my own love for the game. From there, I discovered Gianluigi Buffon, who quickly became my favourite athlete. Beyond him, I’m inspired by Ronaldo’s incredible work ethic.

Matvii: My inspiration came from one of my best friends along with Cristiano Ronaldo, who I really admire for his hard work. But when it’s about playing, I aim to be like Messi because of his amazing skill. It shows me that hard work and talent are both important.

Interviewer: Discussing incredible football players, what qualities do you think are essential?

Danya: A good football player should play fair, stay focused on their goals, work hard in training, and also be able to celebrate their friends’ victories. It’s about dedication on the field and supporting each other off it.

Adam: Definetfly agree on that.

Darius: From my experience, I would also highlight the importance of good time management skills, especially for those who are balancing school with their sport. Since switching clubs, I’ve found it helpful that training is now after school hours. This setup means I don’t skip classes, keeps my teachers happy, and also gives me time to get my homework done.

Interviewer: Well, homework may not bench you like a challenging match might, but it presents its own obstacles, doesn’t it? Speaking of which, have you ever dealt with injuries that forced you off the field, and how did you tackle the comeback?

Matvii: I got injured so many times. Where should I start? Well, a few months back, I had a pretty bad injury where I hurt my knees really badly, which kept me from playing football for a while. But now, I’m just happy I can play again. I think it is important to stay focused and get back in shape as soon as you can. A strong mentality can also help in hard situations. I learned that from a friend I’ve made since joining Viitorul Academy. Thanks, Sergiu!

Darius: I agree with Matvii on this. It’s tough being sidelined for an extended period. What helped me was gradually beginning to practise at home once my injury improved, and keeping my faith in God, who has seen me through some difficult times.

(a short break needed for swapping tales of their ‘trophy’ injuries—turning into a never-ending story of who’s had the most epic sidelines)

Interviewer: Overcoming challenges is a significant part of any athlete’s journey. Speaking of triumphs, how do you all celebrate after a game?

Danya: I don’t know what people might expect, but we definitely don’t pop champagne bottles or anything like that…a good nap tho…I could use one right now too.

Adam: Honestly, for me, a good cheesy sandwich and some sleep is all I need. And of course, we make sure to congratulate each other. Danya: Right, bro!

Matvii: Wait, about celebrating, remember when I scored that top corner against your team, Adam? It hyped everyone up, I scored again, and we won 5-2. What a game!

Adam: Oh, yeah! That was a banger! You really scored two nice goals.

(after a brief 1-minute break, during which the group debates over who has the better memory and shares a laugh over bets lost before games)

Interviewer: Returning to what brought us together today — your friendship and shared love for football — what advice would you give someone looking to join a football club? And how about when it comes to playing with or against your friends?

Darius: In football, it’s crucial to play fair, work hard, and never give up. It requires a strong mentality, lots of effort, practice, and true passion. Sure, talent plays a role, but I’d say it only accounts for about 20%. Think about it, Messi has 60% talent, but he only tries about 40% hard, while Ronaldo has 20% talent and like 100% effort.

Matvii: I agree with Darius. Plus, my own journey shows the value of always playing your hardest—I was fortunate to get noticed by my coach. It’s a reminder to always perform your best because you never know who’s watching. Also, there’s a lot you can pick up from playing alongside your teammates.

Danya: Joining a club can sometimes need a little help, like having a friend talk to your coach, isn’t that right, Adam? As for playing against friends, keep in mind that the friendship lasts beyond the game. Always aim for fair play. It’s normal to feel sad with a loss, but it’s important to celebrate your friends’ wins too.

Adam: Well, you three pretty much covered what I was going to say, but that just proves we share the same values. I’m right there with you guys. Regarding playing with or against friends, naturally, I feel a bit more at ease facing someone I’m not close with. But even when I end up against one of you, I naturally don’t play as roughly and focus on being proud of how far we’ve all come together.

Interviewer: And that’s a wrap! We’ve had a great time talking about football, friendship, and even dodging homework. Big thanks to Danya, Darius, Matvii, and Adam for sharing their stories. Let’s hope for more wins, awesome goals, and fewer injuries. Remember, it’s all about fun and maybe sneaking in a quick nap.

Matvii, Darius, Danya, Adam: Byeeeee!