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International Values and International Voices

Lead Article by Joe Berwick

An International School is a place where children and people from all around the world find a community together. Some see this is a common thing, something that is a normal part of life and nothing to be impressed about. However, when we step back just a little bit and look at what International Schools are from a distance, we realise very quickly how different this really is – how few places exist where so many nationalities, peoples and ideas can come together to learn and share ideas together.

Friday 3rd May (as well as being Orthodox Good Friday), is also the International World Press Freedom Day. To quote the UN:

‘Journalists encounter significant challenges in seeking and disseminating information on contemporary issues, such as supply-chains problems, climate migration, extractive industries, illegal mining, pollution, poaching, animal trafficking, deforestation, or climate change. Ensuring the visibility of these issues is crucial for promoting peace and democratic values worldwide.’

Allowing people to report on the world, to share under-reported stories, and to explore how to make positive change is a fundamental requirement of any functioning Global Society. It is these values that an International School shares with the students, encouraging our students to tell their stories, to find out their truth, and to learn about their place in the world. Ultimately, it is these things that help us, ‘Promote Peace and Democratic Values Worldwide’.

We are proud that Royal School in Transylvania can be a place to share those values, and we believe that our young people will grow up to proudly share them too.

Easter Hunt

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Trails and Tales: A Memorable Hike Through Făget Forest

Duke of Edinburgh Award Trip

During the Duke of Edinburgh trip to Făget Forest, we embarked on an exciting 8-hour hike along a winding trail through the mountainside. At the beginning of the hike, our group split into two smaller teams. Each took a separate path, and we eventually regathered later along the trail.

At first, the hike was fine, yet a bit steep. About an hour in, we stopped at a small forest clearing from which you could see the edge of a town nearby Cluj. There was a fallen tree where most of us took a ten-minute water break. Afterwards, we continued and accidentally crossed paths with a group of scouts who were also navigating their way through the forest. After another hour or so, we stopped again in the forest for a quick water and snack break as the terrain finally levelled out from its upward paths. During that time, we discovered bat houses on the trees and an info board describing the bats that lived in the forest, along with a few birds. Meanwhile, Mr. Tudor befriended a beetle, which joined us for a portion of our journey but, unfortunately, was lost along the way. After that, we continued on the final stretch to the midway point to meet up with the others, where we planned to settle down for a nice lunch of hot dogs. However, before this could happen, we had to find our way back to our trail after accidentally deviating from our intended route, which temporarily left us lost. However, we quickly found our way again, and after a bit of struggle crossing a muddy stream of water, and a few muddy shoes later, we successfully met up with the other group. Rather quickly, we came across another small dilemma: we didn’t know how to get water to cook the hotdogs, so everyone had to donate a bit of their leftover water so we could cook the sausages. Thankfully, this was successful, and after one hearty meal and friendly chatter, we all took a picture together. However, it started raining at that time, leaving some of us scrambling for our raincoats. Some hadn’t packed theirs, but thankfully, the teachers had a few on hand. Afterwards, we split ways again, with the other group continuing on our trail and our group proceeding on theirs.

Considering the rain, however, the trails were very slippery, and a few accidental slips almost happened. Thankfully, no one was harmed, and later on in the journey, we had to cross a stream. While there was a tree you could walk across, few braved it, with most preferring to step across rocks or just walk through the water. By then, thankfully, the rain had subsided. Afterwards, we came across a place where we could refill our water bottles to stay hydrated through the last legs of the hike. With just an hour left on the trail, we had to walk a really mud-ridden path, which left our shoes all caked with mud, something the group shared a laugh about. Although we all tried to clean our shoes on the surrounding grass, during this time we settled down for a nice talk about our hike, resting for a bit before we trudged onwards. Eventually, we made it back to our starting point, where we all shared heartfelt goodbyes and went home for the day after a long, satisfying hike.

(Elizabeth, Year 10)

Kung Fu Panda 4 with Y5 & Y6

Trips: Movie Day with Year 5 and 6

Before the eagerly awaited spring break, our Year 5 and Year 6 students gathered on a joyful trip to the local cinema. We watched the inspiring movie “Kung Fu Panda 4”, a perfect pick to wrap up our term with excitement and a touch of wisdom. The laughter-filled outing was not just about enjoying popcorn and animated antics; it also left us with memorable life lessons about courage, friendship, and the importance of believing in oneself.

Po, the ever-charming and clumsy panda, once again proved that with perseverance and heart, anyone can become a hero. His journey reminded us that it’s okay to face fears and that real strength comes from within. As we head into spring break, we carry with us the uplifting messages from the movie and a rejuvenated spirit to pursue our own dreams.

It was a fantastic day for everyone involved, and it’s safe to say that we are now all ready to enjoy a well-deserved break!

The Easter Bunny has visited Royal School

Events: Easter Bake Sale

Every season has its charm, and the Student Council always strives to immerse us in the festive spirit through various events organised with and for our students.

Spring is no exception, beyond the religious dimension of the Orthodox Easter holidays, which dominate the period and are quickly approaching, it also brings a fresh breath of life with its bright greenery, insects buzzing through the air, and the enticing scent of flowers everywhere.

As the term draws to a close, spring fever, along with the stress of ongoing exams, are making their presence felt. However, as always, an intense period is either followed by or overlaps with moments of relaxation—due to the spring break in this case—when we all remember what is beautiful and good, together with our loved ones.

To kick off this festive period, on Friday, April 19, the Student Council conducted two engaging and fun activities: an Egg Hunt for KG-Y2, held from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM, and a Bake Sale carried out in both buildings, with each item/cookie, etc., costing 5 lei. As usual, students were able to leave their uniforms at home and choose their own school-appropriate attire, leisurely strolling among the stalls for the sum of 5 lei.

The funds raised from these activities have been added to the Student Council’s piggy bank, which aims to gather 2,000 euros by the end of the school year, to be donated to the chosen charity organisation.

We are pleased to see such initiatives among our students and always encourage them to have the courage to get involved and collaborate for a noble cause, bringing smiles to our faces and a lot of good cheer, essential ingredients for a successful vacation!

Have a beautiful vacation and a Happy Easter!

Essay Competitions

We’re excited to announce two opportunities for our Secondary students interested in non-fiction writing. Please contact as soon as possible if you’d like to share your thoughts with the world!

Cambridge Re:think Essay Competition 2024

This contest welcomes talented high school students (aged 14-18) from diverse educational settings worldwide to contribute their unique perspectives on a wide range of topics. The submission deadline is May 10th. Read all the details here!

John Locke Institute Essay Competition

The John Locke Institute encourages young people to cultivate the characteristics that turn good students into great writers: independent thought, depth of knowledge, clear reasoning, critical analysis and persuasive style. This competition invites students to explore a wide range of challenging and interesting questions beyond the confines of the school curriculum in seven subject categories: Philosophy, Politics, Economics, History, Psychology, Theology and Law (for students aged 14-18). A separate prize will be awarded to the best article in the junior category as well (for students under 14). Registration closes on May 31st and the submission deadline is June 30th. Details here!

Happy writing!

Is this really my life?

Well-being: My life

At night, I lie in bed, thinking about my day. I take a look at each moment of my day and analyse it. I finally reach my favourite part: when I danced. While I look over my day, a song pops into my mind.

‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons.

There are some lyrics that say the following:

‘Thunder, feel the thunder

Lightning before the thunder’.

It is true, I must feel the thunder, feel the vibe, go with the beat, and be myself. By expressing my feelings and dancing, I transform a bad day into a wonderful twenty-four-hour period.

The song prompts me to try new things, have new experiences, and dance in the rain. I should enjoy my life and realise how wonderful life’s gift is!

Some people say life is short, so act – don’t wait for another opportunity, make your dreams come true! Our life is long, but we make it seem short and let it vanish quickly. When I look in the past, my years seem to have passed so fast! Although I was ‘living’ those years, they didn’t pass as rapidly as I perceive them now.

Thus, at night, I lie in bed, thinking about my day: ‘It’s not worth trying to be someone else, because anyways, it is impossible.’ This is the last thought that comes to my mind.

Ana Izabela Rusu (Year 5)