Summer in School

Lead Article by Joe Berwick

Summertime is creeping ever closer, with the days lengthening and the weather getting warmer. It is a time when a lot of people look off into the distance and contemplate and dream of the possibilities and potential of escaping the city and exploring somewhere new!

For schools, especially international ones, it is perhaps the busiest time of the year. I know that school leaders seem to say that about every time of year, (in particular September, Christmas and February) but it is the summer period that is always 100 km/h. It is a time to think about next year, whilst also focussing on the present, it is a time to focus academically, whilst also dreaming of school trips! And, it is a time when it feels like every single week there is another event for us to be planning and getting excited about.

Sometimes it can feel like we don’t actually pause at this time to enjoy and celebrate all that is happening!

So, with that in mind I wanted to highlight 3 amazing moments that have happened here at RST since our last Gazette:

  1. 1. Student dedication – over the Easter Vacation we had extra lessons for IGCSE and A Level students offered for free by the teachers. Over the course of 5 days we hosted over 35 lessons for a huge number of students. Their dedication to their success and future was amazing!
  2. 2. Experience and Adventure – 4 students from Y9 went to Bucharest to take part in the Cambridge Middle School debate competition, with 3 of the 4 participants being first time debaters at a competition level. To stand up in front of people you have never met is never easy, and I applaud their bravery and skill.
  3. 3. Royal Roots – Every week for a KS2 club students in Y5 and Y6 have been working on creating a small vegetable garden at the front of the school playground. It is now starting to bloom, with their hard work and green fingers paying off! This beautiful project is a lovely part of our sustainability strategy moving into the next academic year, and I am delighted at the work the children have put in.


Summer is supposed to be a relaxing time, so it is nice to reflect and relax at the magical things that students achieve each and every day.

Enjoy the weather!

Events Section: Community Assembly May 2024

What a pleasure it was for all of us to participate this Friday in the final Community Assembly of this school year. From September to May, we have seized every opportunity during these gatherings to celebrate the achievements of our students and to provide you with the chance to witness them in action, presenting various projects they have been involved in, or listening to their voices in songs, theatrical pieces, or recited poems, all prepared specifically for these occasions.

The Community Assembly held on Friday addressed three major themes: International Day of Biodiversity, Vesak Day, and World Football Day. Consequently, our Primary and Secondary students prepared a series of presentations, while also reciting poems and enchanting us with their musical performances.

As always, during the Community Assembly, the winning House Cup was awarded. As you know, our students’ efforts are duly recognized, with everyone having the opportunity to contribute to their House’s trophy through the merits earned during class hours. We are pleased to announce that this time, the winner is Shakespeare House.

We eagerly anticipate our future gatherings, as June promises to be rich in events!

The Gazette Team

Liam’s Adventure on Via Transilvanica

Trips section: Liam’s Adventure on Via Transilvanica – Liam El Amine Year 5

Who Am I ?

Hi, I am Liam. On Saturday, the 18th of May, I walked +25 km, and it took me around 10 hours to finish. I am the first student in our school to have finished the Alba Trail on Via Transilvanica.

How was Via Transilvanica for me?

Via Transilvanica is the best place to go hiking. It is very fun to go because you can admire the beautiful nature and its great views, encounter wild animals such as deer and rabbits, and occasionally deal with some agitated dogs (which can be a bit dangerous).

What are some of the positives of Via Transilvanica?

I encourage you to go on Via Transilvanica so you can enjoy nature, visit different places, and meet new people. What I enjoyed the most was travelling to a new place and exploring nature. It was very interesting for me to be the only kid on the trip  because I did not have anyone else of my age to play with. However, I talked to the adults,  ran with the teachers and played football with a stone. I also picked cherries from the trees to eat and carried a green wax cherry (corcodșe) branch over to a village where one villager stopped us and gave us some apricots to eat. Along the way, we stumbled upon a well, from which we fetched water, using a bucket to refill our water bottles.

What can you do/not do on Via Transilvanica ?

On Via Transilvanica you should not pet unfamiliar dogs! They may bark at you and scare you but you should not hurt them; instead you can shout at them to make them run away. If you encounter a dangerous wild animal, stay quiet and do not move if they are too close. To keep them away, just be calm and walk away. If you see garbage on the ground, do not pick it with your bare hands, use gloves. Moreover, do not litter on the trail, as it defeats the purpose of being there to clean up the environment.

What are the challenges?

One challenge is to climb up steep giant hills.The most challenging part for me was to finish the trail. Even if the dogs were terrifying, it was pretty fun to see all the action!

What advice do you have?

Wherever I was tired, I drank some water so I could stay hydrated and have more energy. Whenever I was hungry, I took some food or snacks to eat from my backpack. I advise you to bring with you snacks, food and water. Bring extra water just in case.


Liam El Amine, Year 5

Animals Have a Life Too

Creative Writing: Ilinca Dora Luncasu Y5

I remember when I visited a zoo once and thought about how the animals must feel being stuck in cages just for people’s entertainment. Then I wondered how we would feel if we were the ones locked up or being hunted by poachers for our fur or meat! We, as people, often think it’s okay to eat animals for food, but there are so many other things we can eat instead, like vegetables and fruits. Moreover, imagine if poaching continues, we will have fewer and fewer animals, or even none at all. Some animals, like red pandas, are almost extinct, with fewer than 2,500 remaining in the wild. Additionally, animals such as tigers, turtles, rhinos, and many others are also at risk. In Africa, some people hunt animals for food, but poachers hunt them for other reasons, like money or trophies. Sometimes they even kill animals for parts they don’t even need! Even pets like cats and dogs aren’t always safe. Some people abuse their dogs or cats, hitting them, thinking it’s okay, but it’s not. In reality, they become scared and frightened, just like people would do.

My advice is to always remember that animals have a life too and our help is needed. We can help animals by volunteering at places that take care of them, like nature centres or wildlife refuges, or just by simply eating less meat.

Get Ready for Summer Fete!

Events: Summer Fete

The most anticipated event organised by Royal School in Transylvania is rapidly approaching. The organising team has been working diligently for several weeks to establish the program and select the most engaging activities, which are shaping up to be extremely promising.

Summer Fete is a special occasion to reap the rewards of the efforts made during the 2023-2024 school year. Therefore, you are all invited to take part in this colourful event, which will undoubtedly bring many smiles to our faces.

Exciting prizes, various workshops, creative activities, sweet and savoury stalls, creative stands, artistic performances – all of these will make June 26th an unforgettable day. All funds raised during the event will be donated to the Asociatia Pasari, which supports children with health issues in their educational endeavours.

We look forward to welcoming you to the event!

Studying for exams - tips and tricks

It’s exam season. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks that will help with your learning process.

Set some goals for yourself and follow them.

It can be easier to achieve your goals if you set them with the SMART principle in mind. Your goals should be Specific (well defined, clear, and unambiguous), Measurable (with specific criteria that measure your progress toward the accomplishment of the goal), Achievable (attainable and not impossible to achieve), Relevant (within reach, realistic, and relevant to your life purpose) and Time-Based (with a clearly defined timeline, including a starting date and a target date).  Here you have an example of a smart goal: I will review my maths notes for 30 minutes each day and complete two practice problems daily for the next four weeks to achieve at least 90% on my final maths exam on June 15th.

Learn to manage your time effectively.

First, take a minute to think about your daily routines. How are you spending your free time? Are there any unnecessary distractions? Are you allocating enough time for your studying? Try to think of better ways to organise your studying time and your social life. You could create a personalised schedule to balance schoolwork and other activities. Try to divide the materials you must revise for each class into smaller chapters and then allocate several chapters for each day. While studying, you could use the Pomodoro method to further improve your time-management and learning skills. The Pomodoro Technique involves working in focused 25-minute intervals (called “Pomodoros”) followed by 5-minute breaks, with a longer break after every four intervals, to enhance productivity and concentration.

Try to limit your distractions.

Distractions can be either internal or external. Internal distractions can include feeling tired or hungry, being worried and having irrelevant thoughts. You can try to prevent those distractions by planning your study sessions in advance, sleeping 8 hours, or learning in the morning, having a snack, and reminding yourself that you need to focus. External factors (like noise can be harder to manage because you can’t control them directly, but you can still try to minimise their impact by distracting yourself or changing the situation). For example, if the noise is bothering you, you could use your headphones to listen to music or white noise. It is always a good idea to study in a place designed for studying, like a library or a personal desk. (It can also help you remember more information in the exam if you’re studying in a more similar context) If you are often distracted by your phone, you could try using the Forest app. I find it to be quite useful for when you want to study without interruptions.

Find out what learning style suits you best and use it to your advantage.

The VAK learning model divides people into three categories of learner: Visual learners – absorb information by sight. Auditory learners – absorb information by sound. Kinaesthetic learners – absorb information by moving. You could test yourself online and see what method you should use to study most efficiently (Language Learning Style Quiz | How should you learn?). There are plenty of learning strategies that can help you retain information based on each style.

That’s all for now. I hope these tips and tricks will help you with your exams. Best of luck!

Corcheș Petra, Intern at Faculty of Psychology and Education

Winner of the Easter Egg Hunt

Drumroll, please! We have got some egg-citing news – we have five egg-ceptional winners for our Easter Hunt competition! These clever eggs showed that they read the questions carefully and answered them quicker than Flash, securing their spots among the first 20 competitors. Get ready to hop into the fun as you discover who they are and the prizes they’ve snagged below.


1st Place –  Denys Deno Y6

2nd Place- Antonia Balint Y11

3rd Place – Erwan Thevenet Y4

4th Place – Eliott Thevenet Y7

5th Place – Rares Olah Y6



Remember, depending on their ranking (1st place, 2nd place, etc.), each winner can choose their prize by reaching out to Ms. Raluca Pascovici at Raluca Elena Pascovici.

👩‍🏫 Be a teacher/teacher assistance for a day!

✍️Get a one-time “no homework” pass to use for any subject!

🌟 Feature in our next issue and tell us your story!

🎟️ Get a free TOMBOLA ticket for Summer Fete!

👔 Enjoy a no uniform day!

Congratulations to all winners, and we look forward to seeing you at the next competition!