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With an impressive tenure of 15 years dedicated to team-building, crafting educational programs, and driving growth within the IT sector, Adela brings a wealth of expertise and a visionary approach to our school community. Her journey into the realm of education and leadership began early, transitioning from a role as a teacher and tutor to becoming the Head of Mathematics at a prestigious private school by the age of 25. There, she excelled in preparing students for both extended and core courses and exams, setting high standards for academic excellence.

Adela’s belief in the potential of every student is unwavering. She champions the power of positive thinking as the cornerstone for personal development and success. Her guiding principles are respect, kindness, and modesty, values that resonate deeply within our school’s ethos. Her career and life have been enriched by a multicultural tapestry of experiences, fostering an inclusive and global perspective.

Teaching, mentoring, and skill development are not just her profession but her passion. Adela holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, embodying a lifelong commitment to learning and personal growth. Her academic background and continuous pursuit of knowledge equip her to inspire and nurture the minds of tomorrow.

Fluency in several languages and a keen interest in hiking and anthropology are testaments to Adela’s diverse interests and her pursuit of understanding the world in its myriad forms. Her multifaceted personality and rich professional background make her an invaluable asset to our school, where she continues to inspire students and colleagues alike.