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Kindergarten Teacher Assistant


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Iulia is a graduate of the National Pedagogical College “Gheorghe Lazar ” Cluj-Napoca and the “Babes Bolyai” University Faculty of Business. She likes challenges and encouraging kids to push their boundaries and find their passions. Each individual has something unique to offer to society, and the skills and abilities need to be developed from a young age.

She enjoys learning new things, exploring nature and doing crafts. Iulia is happiest when she is teaching and enjoys spending the majority of her time with children. Children’s curiosity and honest questions challenges her to explore and learn more everyday. 

Her favourite hobbies are drawing, travelling, reading, and taking long walks. She enjoys looking out for others and is constantly willing to help out. Her role in the Royal School is to prepare the little ones for the next years of learning and discovering. She wants to help them learn about the world in fun ways and by guiding and supporting them.