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Letter from the Head

Dear Parents & Friends of Royal School

What an incredible Winter term we have had here at Royal School and despite the dramatic, if short, dip in temperatures, Royal School continued to operate, students were taught and so many different things happened (please see the past issues of the school Gazette for details).

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents, students and staff at the school for all of the continued support, sterling efforts and dedication which have been shown since January.  Royal School is firmly on the educational map of Cluj and we are growing!

I would like to highlight a couple of areas about which we can all become excited.  First, staff members will be trained to supervise and lead Duke of Edinburgh International Awards.  The DofE Awards are designed for anyone between the ages of 14 to 24 and they are recognised globally for the sense of service, volunteering, skills development, independence and spirit of adventure they inculcate in all the participants.  The programme will be launched, in its entirety, in September and students are encouraged to volunteer for the programme.  Please click on the link (below) for more information).

Second, we have our annual Summer Fete which will be held in June.  This is an opportunity for any member of the school community to rent a stall, sell their goods and for our own students to showcase their entrepreneurial skills.

Of course we have the on-going community assemblies for families to come and enjoy as well as the forthcoming Checkpoint Examinations – in this area we wish all of the candidates the very best of luck and encourage them all to use the free time over the Easter break to revise, thoroughly, English, Mathematics and Science in preparation for the first set of external examinations with Cambridge.  Results are scheduled to be published towards the end of June and this will give students, parents and teachers invaluable information about areas of strength and weakness for each learner and enable us to plan effectively for ache child moving into Year 7 and Year 10.

On a final note, the deadline for 2018-19 school contracts is today.  We have had a lot of interest from new parents and contracts have been submitted.  Emails have been sent from the school encouraging the signing of contracts but it does seem as though many parents are dragging their heels on this one.  Once the 30th March deadline is passed, we cannot guarantee a place at the school any longer and we will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Knowing and understanding the student numbers is important for the school so that we can plan for the forthcoming school year, order the required equipment, books, stationery etc. and where there are gaps in this knowledge, this means that we are unable to plan and order accurately.  I therefore urge you to submit contracts with as much haste as possible.

Wishing all pupils, families, staff and friends of Royal School a very “Happy Easter”.

Yours sincerely




Paul Page

Head of Royal School



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