The child has one intuitive aim: self development

New things our students learn everyday

We like to share with you some of the interesting things our students learn and do in school.

In the architecture club, Royal School students are able to apply knowledge which they have learned in Maths, Science and Geography. One student wants to build a model for a “green” hotel which uses solar panels and saves energy in different ways, another student wants to make a family home more comfortable for her own family, or an animal shelter, while another has her interest in advertising signs.

They are all creative! They are all interested and curious! They are all involved!



The year 3&4 students have learned about sustainable energy. They experienced toys equipped with photocell panels (electric devices that generate electricity when light falls on them). They discussed renewable energy sources like wind power, solar energy, hydro power, bioenergy, geothermal energy and tidal energy.



Year 3 students imagined they were kings and queens, and had to put some moral values in their own choice of order, from the most important to the least important. It is difficult to decide and select when one is a queen or a king for the day! The best part was yet to come – writing silly rules for a new kingdom.



Stay tune for more learning experiences! 

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