Coming to school

Coming to school- ride sharing or free CTP public transport?

There are many ways to choose from when coming to school. There is walking, taking the city bus, personal cars or taxis or, of course, by bicycle or tricycle. We have good news for you!

This year, students can benefit from free transportation on one of the CTP lines (depending on which lines children are using to get to school). We are making a list with the names of RS students travelling to school by bus. If interested, please let us know by sending an email to or by adding your child’s name on the list at the reception desk. We hope this facility will make your child’s coming to school easier.

There is also another way of arriving to school – by Ride Sharing. Maybe one of the students is your neighbor or lives on your way to school. Why not give them a lift in your car? Ridesharing reduces the number of cars on the road, thus reducing air pollution and traffic congestion. If you are interested in this way of coming to school, please let us know in an email to and we will facilitate a discussion between interested parents.