Parents Testimonials

Parents Testimonials

Appreciation and farewell from one of out dear Royal
School community members

“Last year, we gained an amazing experience at Royal School, for which we are grateful. Maia was very happy among her colleagues and teachers, people whom she will certainly miss.

Starting from the 6th of September, Maia will follow the courses of the primary school of Roaring Brook from Chappaqua, New York. We hope to find a community as welcoming and amazing as the one we found at Royal School, and Maia’s settlement to be as easy as possible.

Maia wants to see her colleagues and teachers one last time before she leaves, and, if possible, we would want to bring her next week, for a social call/visit. Again, we want to thank you, for all!”

Innes Mercean

“My son’s days at Royal School are joyful and interesting. Every afternoon, when I pick up my child from school, he has a big smile on his face and can’t wait to tell me what he did at school. We are very grateful that our son has Miss Câmpean as teacher. She is an amazing person and very close to children.”

Andreea Ungureanu

“In Royal School we found our peace and tranquility as parents. YES, we do talk about school at home, YES, we are helping our daughter with some of her homework, YES, we do get involved in school’s activities, AND this is all natural and simple, and just another “get together” part of our family life! Parents with young children, just starting school, don’t have to be stressed and nervous and spending all evenings doing math and grammar. Our daughter is HAPPY at Royal School and she does not want to miss a day, and she is curious to search answers, read, study, and stay focused when she needs to. My greatest joy is in the afternoon, when I pick up her from school and ask the “usual” question: “How was your day at school?”, and she smiles and answers: “Great! we had so much fun with…”, and then she does not stop talking for minutes :)”

Marcela Campian

“My 6-year-old has just joined Royal School this year. I am happy to see her smiling every day and already so comfortable. RS is obviously a loving environment, which I deem most important for the kids’ development.”

Luana Teodorescu

“I consider myself lucky that my daughter attends the newest, most interactive school, with a modern thinking and curriculum, in a multicultural environment.”

Luca Teodorescu

“I appreciate RS for the emphatic teachers, for the openness of those in charge and their will to improve, for the amazing progress of my child, for the international environment and the friendliness encouraged all over the place, and the most important because my son loves it, and I love his way of consoling his classmates with “friends little soup”. I found very important RS’s way of evaluation, child centered, the progress of each individual being equally important and the fact that there are 2 teachers per class taking care no one is getting bored.”

Mihaela Constantinescu

“I really appreciate Royal School, how it teaches things to the kids, to make children creative, autonomous and fulfilled.”

Fanny-Laure Ghillebaert

“We’ve searched a lot for an alternative to the traditional Romanian educational system for our girls and we are very glad to find Royal School. I know we’ve made the right choice every day when I look at my children’s faces after a day at school. They are growing up beautiful, being curious about everything and learning to love to learn.”

Andreea Cianga