School Uniform

Please make sure your child owns a full RS uniform and ask the RS office administrator for missing uniform articles, making sure you have spare ones, thus ensuring a clean and tidy daily appearance of your child in school.

Our LOST &FOUND boxes were recently reorganised, but, unfortunately, none of the uniform articles found had a student’s name or Year on the tag, making it almost impossible to return it. In order to avoid such cases, please remember that it is extremely important for each article to have, on the tag, your child’s name and the Year he/she belongs to.
The black socks ¾ and black cotton stockings are considered a mandatory article of clothing in the Royal School uniform. You can purchase great quality ones from the school.
All new! This year we can offer inside and outside shoes for girls (as displayed in the school’s window, at the entrance), the available sizes being 38 and above.