Teachers Testimonials

I have chosen to be part of Royal School in Transylvania because I am interested to promote a different kind of classroom, a different kind of educational approach. I believe the children can be the main participants in class, the ones who discover the knowledge, while the teachers channel their efforts in the right direction. I want the students to feel empowered and have control of the newly acquired information. I want them to strengthen their own characters and diversify their own personalities. When a student is confident, he or she can stand up and express an opinion in a considerate but determined way, support it with facts. This is what our society needs and we, as teachers, have to help our students build it.

Mery Blaga, Teacher for Y5-6; Inclusion Coordinator; Self-developement

The part I love most about Royal School is seeing children smile when they go home and hearing them say “Today was an awesome day!” or “I love this school!”, without being prompted to say it. Children do not lie when it comes to these things, they either like you or they don’t.

Cătălina Anastasescu, Teacher of Y5-6, English Teacher, Teacher of Performing Arts&Drama


I have chosen to be a part of the Royal School Community because I always enjoyed interacting with students, help them

grasp new concepts and acquire new skills and I felt that Royal School fosters a proper environment for student and teacher development

alike. Like many other teachers I was highly influenced by my former Biology teachers – I wish to remember Mr. Octavian Craioveanu and Mr. Ursu Tudor –

I am trying to honour their great work with my every student.

Sergiu Darjan – Teacher of Science and Biology



Helping students feel like their opinion matters and makes a difference, is one of the things I like about Royal School. In order to take part of their development we also need to listen to them. Students learn to work hard for what they want to achieve, but they do this in such a way that they do not feel bored or forced to do anything. It is also an opportunity for teachers to be more creative so that their lessons capture the best students can give and helps them gain confidence.

Denisa Maier – Teacher Assistant & History Teacher



Royal School represents an opportunity for every teacher to maximize their potential and to watch their students growing. The reason why I’ve chosen Royal School is the joy of seeing every child develop new skills and building their lives on knowledge and hard work. This school is also a perfect place for students to understand that their voices do matter and are listened. It is indeed amazing to see inspired teachers who want to make a difference in teaching and to have a place in their students’ hearts.

Iulia Ciogescu – Teacher of Spanish & Romanian