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SHARP – The Science Detective Club

The Science Detective Club started on Tuesday, the 14th of March, at 16:30, in the Royal School Laboratory.

The club is offered on a voluntary basis by Dr. Alexandra Csavdari, so that raised funds will help the development of the school’s laboratory.  The fee is of 10 EUR / session / student, payable in advance for each month.

Young SHARP detectives funvestigated the sudden death of Mrs. Moneybag. They dusted for fingerprints, prepare and try out invisible ink, searched for hidden clues of forgery in the will, identified used cups by means of saliva stains and established whether the nurse gave Mrs. Moneybag the proper medicine.

The first session from 14th March



The second session from 28th March


On Tuesday the 28th of March, young SHARP detectives continued their funvestigation within the Science Detective Club. During the first session, the dishes used at the tee-party at Mrs. Moneybag’s house were dusted for fingerprints. Was there an uninvited intruder? If so, who was it? Unfortunately, one up the cups well off the laboratory table and suspect number 3 remained unidentified.
So that, the Funvestigation story continues…



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