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The SCIENCE Stall – Summer Fete 2016

This year at the Summer Fete we had a SCIENCE stall organized by PhD. Alexandru Lupan, Beatrix Magyar, a master’s student, and PhD. Alexandra Csavdari from the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca.

The team  encourage students in the study of SCIENCE.
Did you know that everytime you use your watch, check the temperature of your room, use the kitchen scale, or check your own weight and measure how much you have been growing during the past year, you are using instruments of scientific investigation? That simply having light at your disposal is just a matter of physics and the observation of a leaf teaches you biology?

The aim of a small exhibition was to make students aware that daily life is governed by the laws of science. And since the team consisted of professional chemists, they could not resist the temptation of showing that chemistry doesn’t mean just messy glassware but also provides for fun by releasing a fist-size chemical volcano, the pharaoh’s snake brought to life by the heat of a match, colored Bengal fires and fumes ignited with a miraculous liquid ingredient and the spectacular elephant’s tooth paste, these were the experiments that proved both students and visitors that Science is FUN!


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