Royal School is proud to offer its students a range of leadership opportunities that allows them to grow both themselves, as well as the wider school community. Starting from Year 1, students have the chance to make suggestions on how they are taught, what they would like to see change in the school, and represent Royal School on a wider stage. 

We believe that a school is only as good as the number of students who are involved in helping to make it better, and our range of student leadership opportunities is testament to this. 

Student Council

The Royal School Student Council is made up of students from Y5 and up. With each form entitled to send a representative to the council which meets once a week with the Head of School. The council’s responsibilities are to feedback from their classes, how they would like the school to develop, as well as organising events to raise money for their chosen Student Council Charity. These events can be as diverse as a Christmas Bake Sale, Our End of Year Prom, to the Carnival Costume Competition.

Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors represent the very best of what Royal School students can be. Starting from Y3 each class chooses up to 4 students to take part in all elements of school life. Proudly wearing ‘Ambassador’ badges, these students support with school events, school tours and generally help the teacher in the classroom. 

Student Curriculum Panel

The final element of our Student Leadership is the Student Curriculum Panel. Designed to allow students to share their opinions on what they are learning, and how they are learning it. This panel starts with children as young as Year 1, and it allows us as a school to learn about what can make the students as successful as possible.

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  • Royal School is a member of the wider family of British International Schools and our policies reflect best practice in the United Kingdom, but shaped to suit our Romanian context.

  • Moving to a new school can be a challenging experience, the Royal School enrollment process is designed to be supportive, open and informative for the entire family.

  • We are proud to teach the Cambridge International Curriculum, an international and modern approach to teaching and learning designed to help children succeed and thrive.