Marcela Campian

In Royal School we found our peace and tranquility as parents. YES, we do talk about school at home, YES, we are helping our daughter with some of her homework, YES, we do get involved in school’s activities, AND this is all natural and simple, and just another “get together” part of our family life! Parents with young children, just starting school, don’t have to be stressed and nervous and spending all evenings doing math and grammar. Our daughter is HAPPY at Royal School and she does not want to miss a day, and she is curious to search answers, read, study, and stay focused when she needs to. My greatest joy is in the afternoon, when I pick up her from school and ask the “usual” question: “How was your day at school?”, and she smiles and answers: “Great! we had so much fun with…”, and then she does not stop talking for minutes 🙂