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The Quality of Drinking Water in the City of Cluj-Napoca


The distribution of potable drinking water in Cluj-Napoca, and by extension the tap water in Royal School in Transylvania has been proven to be of the highest quality. Here are the reasons why:

  • The SOURCE – Tarnita Lake is situated in a pristine natural mountainous area located to the west of Cluj-Napoca. There are no industrial sites to be found upstream from the lake or the water treatment plant in Gilau, so this water has very few sources of pollution.

Raw unprocessed water of good quality ensures safe tap water of drinking quality!

  • Water TREATMENT – The current high quality of the raw water harvested from the lake is already very good, and the treatment process which involves disinfection with chlorine to reduce the risk of microbiological contamination of this water serves to guarantee safe drinking water for the population of Cluj-Napoca.

Water treatment leads to consumer safety!

  • Water CONTROL – Drinking water distributed for use by consumers in Cluj-Napoca is monitored twice. First, by the producer in the Renar accredited laboratories of Apa Somes Cluj for control of the process. Finally, the monitoring process is verified by the Authority of Public Health Cluj in their Renar accredited laboratories following current legislation (HG 974-2004).
  • Water QUALITY – The quality of drinking water must comply with Law No. 458-2002 – Potable Water – Republished 2011, in accordance with The Drinking Water Directive (Council Directive 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 on the quality of water intended for human consumption). All indicators are checked and taken into consideration when periodically reviewed in accredited laboratories as pertaining to state and federal drinking water laws.

Conclusion: the tap water running through our faucets in Cluj-Napoca is safer to drink than bottled water!

*see the analysis bulletin

**see more details about the quality of water in Cluj

Article by:
Chief chemist, coordinator of the Sanitary Chem. Lab. of the Authority of Public Health in Cluj, Carmen Parau.

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